Brannon again sets goal, this time for US Senate

Brannon again sets goal, this time for US Senate
Power to oversee public education? It's not in there, he says. Neither is the power to require people to get health … Brannon became an evangelical Christian as a young adult. "He is absolutely truly passionate about everything that he is saying. It …
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Hungary's prime minister readies for elections
Fidesz and its small ally, the Christian Democrats, won a two-thirds majority in 2010, a win Orban has described a "revolution in the voting booth." The landslide result allowed Fidesz to adopt a new constitution and reshape many aspects of Hungarian …
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The Key To Innovation: Making Smart Analogies
The following is the transcript of the closing keynote speach at Sandbox Summit, a fantastic annual conference that brings together all kinds of people interested in kids, technology and learning. I want to talk today about how we build bridges between …
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